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AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Envelopes (PTPO)

6115411 PSA1953-57 3d Green QEII Large Die BW #ES91 window-faced cover for Bryson Industries Ltd, South Melbourne, cancelled with 1954 Melbourne slogan. 8.00
6115496 PSA1960 5d Light Blue QEII Small Die BW #ES98 window-faced cover for No. 28 Paisley St, Footscray, cancelled with 31 Jan 1963 Footscray slogan. 6.00

AUSTRALIA - Advertising Covers

6119960 ✉FA7EX cover for The Examiner Station, Launceston, Tasmania, franked with 5d blue QEII, 3 Apr 1964 Launceston part slogan cancel. 12.00
6118572 ✉FAA.H. Gibson (Electrical) Co, Melbourne window-faced cover for Crompton Lamps, franked with 1½d green QE, 2 Oct 1950 Melbourne slogan cancel. 6.00
6119961 ✉FAA.H. Gibson (Electrical) Co. Pty. Ltd, Albury window-faced cover Insist on Crompton Lamps, franked with 3d Parkes, Jly 1951 Albury slogan cancel. 8.00
6116084 AA.R.C. Insect Screens Pty Ltd, Fawkner cover franked with 5d green QEII, 10 Feb 1965 Melbourne slogan cancel. 8.00
6122471 AAberfeldie Quarries Sand Supplies Pty. Ltd. window-faced cover franked with 5d Commonwealth Games, cancelled with Jan 1963 Essendon slogan. 6.00
6112343 ✉FAAberfeldie Quarries Sand Supplies Pty. Ltd. window-faced cover, franked with 5d blue QEII, cancelled with 24 Jan 1963 Essendon, Vic. slogan cancel. 6.00
6121736 A-Adelyn cover for White Manufacturing Company, Melbourne, franked with 2½d Lawson, 30 Jun 1949 Albury, N.S.W. machine cancel. 8.00
6117919 ✉FA-Ajax illustrated cover for Pumps & Irrigation Equipment, cancelled with 11 Apr 1962 Fortitude Valley, Qld. Postage Paid meter. 6.00
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