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GERMANY - Allied Occupation (French)

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GERMANY - Allied Occupation (French)

1074256 **/*A/A-1945 Arms and Intellectuals: 15pf, 20pf, 24pf & 30pf in gutter pairs (hinged in gutter only). Plus 24pf block of 4 with disturbed gum. (5 blks) 5.00
5005843 FA B1Baden 1948: 84p brown-red, Mi #26. 3.00
5005844 FA B1Wurttemberg - 1948: 1m cobalt, Mi #27. 1.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1073566 B1947 (Dec 14) use of 2½d & 1/4d KGVI on air cover from Canberra to French Zone Germany, odd peripheral tear. Overpaid by ½d. 15.00
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