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AUSTRALIA Decimal Issues

1062588 **A A11967 Banking BW #474d 4c block of 3, top left unit showing White spot between RS of YEARS [RP 8/1], right unit also with prominent uncatalogued White line over '4c' [RP 9/2] 4.00

AUSTRALIA - Covers By Manufacturer

7000590  ASigma 1968 5c Building Societies on illustrated cover. GPO Melbourne FDI cancel of 16OCT68. 5.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

6119334 A1982 use of 65c Snake on long Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney Air Mail cover to USA, 6 May 1983 Melbourne slogan cancel. 5.00


1060948 ΔA B2Royal Exchange: - 'ROYAL/EXCHANGE/N.S.W-AUST' undated parcel roller on 2/6d Aborigine
Renamed from Exchange PO 1/7/1938.

TASMANIA Datestamps

6105272 A- A1Boat Harbour: - 2 strikes of 'BOAT HARBOUR/16JL82/TAS-7321', on stampless OHMS Commonwealth Bank cover to Launceston.
PO 1/11/1878.
1017704 A1Hobart: - square date-head '1/18JLY/1/930PM/1969/TAS-7000 - IDEAL FOR/SMALL INVESTORS/BUY SPECIAL BONDS' slogan on long 5c PSE.
Renamed from Hobart Town PO 1/1/1881.

VICTORIA Datestamps

6125038 A A2Chewton: - WWW #50C 'CHEWTON/5AP67/VIC' on 4c Banking on Excelsior illustrated FDC, unaddressed.
PO 8/9/1857; LPO 5/8/1993.
9000082 ΔB2Commerce House: - '/3AU34/MELB' (#20) on 2d Vic Centenary. [Rated 2R] 7.00
9000406 ΔB2Commerce House: - '/17JE36/VIC' (WWW #20 - arcs 4,3½) on 2d Cable x2. [Rated 2R] 10.00
1053992 B A2Commerce House: - 'COMMERCE HOUSE/11NO35/MELB' (WWW #20 - arcs 4,3½) on 5d KGV with blue & black C5 registration label. [Rated 2R]
PO 8/7/1914; replaced by Degraves Street PO 17/11/1956.
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