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Booklets (Pre-decimal)

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GREAT BRITAIN - Booklets (Pre-decimal)

4001063 **A-2/- Booklets January 1968 orange yellow cover with QEII 1d x2, 3d x2 & 4d x4 (SG #611a,615d,616ab - 1 pane trimmed at base), SG #N31p. 1.00
4001072 **A-2/- Booklets November 1968 grey cover with QEII 4d x6 (SG #731Ev,732 - 1 pane trimmed at left), SG #NP32. 1.00
4001077 **B10/- Booklets February 1969 Mary Kingsley, SG #XP7 2 trimmed panes. 1.00
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