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AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - First Watermark

1072564 **A A31d Red Die I BW #2(B)d [BL1] ROSTAGE, top unit in vertical coil strip of 4, some perf separation between middle units, Cat $100++. 50.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - Large Multiple Watermark

1066828 VA C1½d Green - coil join single, rare survivor. 20.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½

1079537 FA C31½d Red Die II - BW #92(1)d [1L20] Vertical cut right of first bloom of left wattles and split frame left of HALF, top of angle missing, trimmed perfs from coil machine?, Cat $20. 8.00

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

4000771 **A B11938-66 Kangaroo ½d No Wmk coil pair, BW #180be. 1.00
4000770 **A B11938-66 Kangaroo ½d No Wmk coil pair, BW #180be. 1.00
1044497 VA C11938-66 ½d Orange Kangaroo Perf 14¾x14 No Wmk BW #180bg pair with coil perfs, central coil join. 3.00
1057869 VA C11938-41 2d Red KGVI Die I Perf 14¾x14 Wmk CofA BW #188bh coil join single with large holes, Cat $400 as pair. 50.00
1070845 **A A31938-41 2d Red KGVI Die II BW #188bl Coil perf pair, large and small holes, odd perf fault, Cat $600. 150.00
1070846 FA B11938-41 2d Red KGVI Die II BW #188bl Coil perf large and small holes, coil join at base. 50.00
1070797 VA C11941-44 2d Mauve KGVI BW #189bd Coil perf pair, Cat $25. 15.00
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