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5012445 GB B21861-88 Coin SG #174a 5/- dull violet, P13, Cat £35, trimmed perfs at BLC.
Lot 5757:1861-88 Coin SG #174a 5/- dull violet, P13, Cat £35, trimmed perfs at BLC.


5014931 *A- B11905 Coins SG #21-6 short set to 50l, Cat £28, poor gum coverage. (6) 9.00
5014935 VA B11905 Coins 50l brown, Mi #24. 3.00
5014932 FA B11905 Coins SG #27 1d rose & black, Cat £43.
Lot 20999:1905 Coins SG #27 1d rose & black, Cat £43.


1074986 FA1928 British Rule Anniversary SG #123-6 short set to 2½pi. 5.00
5009222 FA A11955-60 QEII Pictorials short set to 100m, SG #173-84. 3.00


5000975 VA A21948 Ancient Coins 50m brown P11 pair, SG #6. 3.00
5013274 FA-1949 Year set, 12 stamps, SG #15-26 Cat £10, 3pr grey & 10pr green coins are mint, 10pr New Year has some toning & 35pr New Year has a pulled perf at top. 3.00
5000996 VA- A11950-54 Jewish Coins III 45pr deep mauve tabbed pair, SG #48 cancelled with Tel Aviv cds, minor creasing to right unit. 3.00

ISRAEL - Postal History

5000983 ✉FA1949 Ancient Coins 5m emerald-green on Admission of Israel to the United Nations commemorative cover with Flag / UN logo cancellation. 3.00
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