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AUSTRALIA - Military - World War II Period

1079222 A-1941 (May 13) use of 9d on Diocese of Sydney CENEF air cover, from Middle East to Dandenong. 30.00

AUSTRALIA - WWII Military Postmarks

1079221 A A2Field Post Office 'FIELD POST OFFICE/1SE42/O25.' (Esk, Qld) on 1d QE on Diocese of Sydney Chuch of England Hut cover, boxed 'AUSTRALIAN/IMPERIAL FORCES/PASSED BY CENSOR/877' (A2) in violet on face. [Rated 150 by Proud.] 5.00
1079220 BH M TRANSPORT handstamp on face of 1942 stampless Church of England National Emergency Fund cover endorsed At sea - passed Colombo(?), to South Yarra and redirected to SE8. Censor 74 on face. [Believed to be part of the 9th Division re-inforcements. This was the last outward bound transport to the Middle East.] 10.00


1079218 A- A2Wagga Wagga Mil. P.O. (2): - '[MIL.P].O.WAGGA WAGGA/?JY43/[N.S.W-A]UST' on 1d green QE on Church of England Rest Hut cover, boxed censor 2185 on face.
PO 24/8/1942; closed 22/1/1947.
1079223 A B2Wagga Wagga Mil. P.O. (2): - '[MIL.]P.O.WAGGA WAGGA/?4/[N.S.W]-AUST' on 1d purple-brown QE on Church of England Rest Hut/Wagga cover.
PO 24/8/1942; closed 22/1/1947.
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