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CYPRUS - Postmarks

1060041 SA B2Akacha: 'RURAL/E.R./AKACH[A]/S[ERVICE]' on 30pa green KGV.
PO c.1912.
Lot 21441:Akacha: 'RURAL/E.R./AKACH[A]/S[ERVICE]' on 30pa green KGV.  PO c.1912.
1080938 SA A2Akanthou: framed '[AKA]NTHOU/A/MY2/09/[CYPR]US' on ½pi. [Rated 80 by Proud]
Lot 21442:Akanthou: framed '[AKA]NTHOU/A/MY2/09/[CYPR]
1017233 SA B3Asha: '[RURAL]/[V.R.]/ASHA/SERVICE' on KGV ½pi carmine & green. [Rated 50 by Proud] 3.00
1017209 SA- A2+Famagusta: 'FAMAGUSTA/10PH/4-6-37/*/[?]A[?]' on 1934 4½pi (creased). [Is this an un-recorded parcels cancel or a forgery?] 3.00
1017222 SA A2Kalopanayiotis: 'KALOPANAYIOTIS/19APR40/CYPRUS' on ¾pi. 3.00
1017237 ΔA B2Klavdhia: 'KLAVDHIA/G.R/RURAL/SERVICE/CYPRUS' on KGVI 1½pi green. 1.00
1017214 SA C3Limassol: poor 'LIM[ASSOL]/E/MY17/21/OFFICI[AL PAID] (used as a canceller 1920-23) on 30pa. 1.00
1017207 SA A2Nicosia: type PP1 parcel cancel on 1892 1pi carmine. 3.00
1017247 ΔA2Phrenaros: 'PHRENAROS/RURAL/POSTAL/SERVICE/CYPRUS' on 1970s National Guard? piece. 1.00
1017217 SA A2Skarinou Station: 'SKARINOU STATIO[N]/1NOV46/C[YPRUS]' on 3pi Victory. 1.00
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