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CZECHOSLOVAKIA - Military - World War I Period

1057981 ✉VA1919 use of stampless black & white photographic postcard of Czech Legionnaires in theatrical costumes, cancelled with '8. STRELECEY PLUK JANA ZIZKY/8/ROTA' (B1) backstamp of 8th Company, 8th Shooting Regt, Czech Legion. 40.00
1057977 ✉FA1919 use of printed Feldpostkarte with Feldpost references deleted in red crayon, cancelled with double-circle 'CESKO-SLOVENSKA POLNI POSTA/15XII19/44' (C1), to Roztokaih, with straight-line 'Ceskoslovensky strelecky pluk cís. 8.' in red & straight-line 'Stabni oddeleni' x2 in red. 60.00
1066677 ✉FA-1919(C) use of stampless envelope, cancelled with double-circle 'POLNÍ POSTA/CESKO-/SLOVENSKÉ/VOJSKO.NA RUSI/[posthorn]/POSTE/MILITARE' (B2), with straight-line 'Informacne-esvefovy odbor M. V.:' (A1) in purple, to soldier in 12th Coy 3rd Regt at Ljudanka. 75.00
1066680 ✉FA-1919(C) envelope, cancelled with triple-circle 'POLNI POSTA/CESKO-/SLOVENSKE/VOJSKO/NA RUSI/[posthorn]/1/POSTA/MILITARE/1' (A2) of 1st Attack Battalion in purple, from Musici to Cerveny Kostelec, Bohemia, some minor creasing & tiny tears along top edge. [Czech Legion] 55.00
1066681 ✉FA1919(C) use of undated Russian PPC of building, cancelled with double-circle '3. STRELECKY PLUK JANA ZIZKY/8 ROTA' (3rd Shooting Regt of Jana Zizky) to Svabin, Czechoslovakia. 55.00
1066683 ✉FA-1919(C) envelope, cancelled with triple-circle 'Polni Posta cesko-slovenskych vojsk/[emblem]/***' (A1-) in purple, from Vladivostok HQ to Prague, some light creasing around edges. [Czech Legion] 70.00
1066682 ✉FA-1919(C) envelope, cancelled with triple-circle 'POLNI POSTA/CESKO-/SLOVENSKE/VOJSKO/NA RUSI/[posthorn]/1/POSTE/MILITAIRE/[1]' (A2) in blue, from Niznij Udinsk, Siberia to Lhota, Czechoslovakia, slightly reduced at right with some light toning. [Czech Legion] 70.00
1066676 A-1919(C) envelope, cancelled with light triple-circle 'Polni posta cesko-slovenskch vojsk/[emblem]/***' (B1), addressed to Lt. Col. at Czech army HQ, Irkutsk, reduced at right, some light creasing. [Czech Legion] 75.00
1066679 A1919(C) use of DOPISNICE card, cancelled with 'CESKOSLOVENSKY CERVENY KRIZ/+/Zaiatecky oddil.' (A1) in red, to Pelhrimov. [Czech Legion] 60.00
1057979 ✉FA1919(C.) use of stampless envelope, cancelled with light '2 POLNI POSTA 2/CESKO-/SLOVENSKE/VOJSKO/NA RUSI/[post horn]/POSTE/MILITARE' (A1-), addressed to another soldier in the 4th Czech regt. [Czech Legion] 80.00
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