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Postal Establishments - Delivery Centres

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9000472 ΔA1Bundaberg Delivery Centre: - 'BUNDABERG D.C./ POSTED/BY 5P.M./2APR1996/WE DELIVER/ QLD. AUST. 4670' on 45c. 1.00
6129512 ΔA B1-Camp Hill Postal Depot: - 'CAMP HILL P.D.S.E.6/1245P31AU6?/QLD-AUST' (LRD) on 5d blue QEII. [Rated 3R] 25.00
6105494 ΔA- A1Sunnybank Post Depot: - 'SUNNYBANK DEPOT/7MY58/QLD-AUST' on 4d lake QEII. [Rated R by Smithies] 5.00

VICTORIA Barred Numerals

1082692 A A2130: 1st type on 4d Beaded Oval. [Rated SS]
Allocated to Cranbourne-PO 1/8/1857; renamed Cranbourne Delivery Centre DC 14/2/1994.
6110085 SA A1130: right side of unframed duplex on 2d violet. [Rated S]
Allocated to Cranbourne-PO 1/8/1857; renamed Cranbourne Delivery Centre DC 14/2/1994.
6125730 A A2149: 2nd duplex, framed 'FOOTSCRAY/MR12/90/VIC - 149' (arcs face inward) on 1d Post Card.
Allocated to Footscray-PO 12/10/1857; renamed Footscray Delivery Centre DC 15/11/1993.
6133429 SA A2488: '488' Type 4A on 1d green.
Allocated to Camberwell-PO 12/10/1864; renamed Camberwell Delivery Centre DC c.-/10/1994.

VICTORIA Datestamps

6124552 ΔA1+Ballarat Mail Delivery Centre: - WWW #20 violet double-circle 'MAIL DELIVERY CENTRE/CO-ORDINATOR/25SEP1996/BALLARAT VIC 3350' (LRD). [The first offered by us.]
DC c.1994.
6124553 ΔA1Ballarat Mail Delivery Centre: - WWW #110 24-hr clock 'RECEIVED/10OCT1995/Delivery Centre/BALLARAT/VIC. 3350'. [Only recorded date.]
DC c.1994.
6130880 ΔA1Belgrave Delivery Centre: - WWW #110 double-rectangle 'DELIVERY MANAGER/8DEC2000/BELGRAVE/DELIVERY CENTRE 3160' on piece. [Only recorded date - the first offered by us.]
DC 24/6/1997.
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