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AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1070743 A1936 (Jan 16) use of 2d red KGV strip of 3 on express delivery letter from Adelaide to St Peters. [6d = 2d postage & 4d Express Fee.] 40.00
1064757 ✉FA1944 (Nov 26) use of 2½d x4 on air cover from Sydney to Canberra, endorsed "SPECIAL/DELIVERY", overpaid by ½d and airmail label crossed out so presumably overpaid for that service as well! Rare. 80.00
1064756 ✉FA1944 (Nov 13) use of 5½d & 4d on air cover from Melbourne to Canberra, endorsed "SPECIAL/DELIVERY". Rare. 50.00


116070 A A1Adelaide Mail Centre: double-oval 'EXPRESS & AIR SERVICES/27JUN1999/...' in violet on long cover. 1.00

SOUTH AUSTRALIA Travelling Post Offices

1075724 A B2Express Railway: 24mm 'EXPR[ES]S RAILWAY/2/SE19/96/S_A' backstamp on cover from Kooringa to Adelaide. 30.00
6125950 SA B2Express Railway: '[EXP]RESS RLY. DOWN/19AP15/S.A' on 2d Roo. 8.00

VICTORIA Datestamps

1079845 A A1Ashburton: - 30½mm 'P.S.C. GR. 2/29OCT1991/ASHBURTON VIC. 3147' WWW #440 on Express Post Envelope
PO 15/12/1927.
1079852 A A1Ashburton: - 41mm double-circle 'P.S.O. No. 3/10JUL1995/ASHBURTON VIC. 3147' WWW #490 on Express Post Envelope, boxed '[DELIVE]RY GUARANTEE VOID/INCORRECTLY POSTED' on face
PO 15/12/1927.
1082639 A A1+Diamond Creek: - WWW #170 30mm 'DIAMOND CREEK/E/25MAY1997/VIC 3089' on Express Post envelope.
PO 7/2/1863.
1081205 A A2South Yarra (2): - WWW #570 30½mm 'AUSTRALIA POST/23DEC1997/6/SOUTH YARRA VIC 3141' on Express Post cover. [The only recorded date.]
PO 21/6/1858.
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