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5024740 ΔA A1-Eide: double-circle 'EIDI/15.9.82. 1600/PR. TÓRSHAVN' on 150ø sepia Old Tórshavn. 3.00
5024742 ΔA A1Fuglafjørdur: double-circle 'FUGLAFJØRDUR/14.12.81. 9.00/PR. TÓRSHAVN' on 120ø Map & 3kr Historic Writings. 3.00
5024741 ΔA A1-Fámjin: double-circle 'FÁMJIN/10.9.68. 9.00/PR. TVØROYRI' on 1kr brown Lions x2. 3.00
5024743 ΔA A1Gjógv: double-circle 'GJÓGV/7.6.82 7.10/PR. TÓRSHAVN' on 160ø Flag. 3.00
5024744 ΔA A1Hov: double-circle 'HOV/12.8.66. 1500/PR. VÁGUR' on 30ø green Esberghavn. 3.00
5024747 ΔA A1-Oyri: double-circle 'OYRI/30.9.66 900/PR. TÓRSHAVN' on 80ø blue Telecommunication. 3.00
5024748 ΔA A1Porkeri: double-circle 'PORKERI/27.9.82. 9.00/PR. VÁGUR' on 220ø & 250ø Harra Paetur. 3.00
5024749 ΔA A1Saltangará: double-circle 'SALTANGARÁ/***' on 5ø Map strip of 3. 3.00
5024751 ΔA A1-Sandevágur: double-circle 'SANDEVÁGUR.8.11.82. 8.55/PR. TÓRSHAVN' on 220ø Harra Paetur. 3.00
5024756 ΔA A1Skopun: double-circle 'SKOPUN/8.11.82. 9.00/PR. TORSHAVN' on 220ø Harra Paetur. 3.00
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