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AUSTRALIA - Advertising Covers

6119932 ✉FAMurray Bros. Pty. Ltd, Alexandria cover for Timber Merchants & Furniture Manufacturers, franked with 2½d Mitchell, 16 Jan 1947 Alexandria, N.S.W. cds. 10.00
6111327 ✉FBP.A. James Ltd cover for Timber Merchants, Epping, franked with 2d Vic Centenary and with 29 Sep 1934 Epping cds (A2), typed company letter included. 10.00
6122470 A-Ringwood Timber & Trading Co. Pty. Ltd. window-faced cover with logo cancelled with 23 Aug 1963 Ringwood meter cancel. 8.00


1065805 SA A236: rays (3R16) on 2d DLR. [Rated 3R]
Allocated to Braidwood-Renamed from Strathallan PO 1/1/1837.
1040217 B A2201: Type 5 duplex 'BURWOOD/FE15/3.33PM/95/[N.S.W] - 201' on creased 1d Postal Card.
Allocated to Burwood-PO 1/10/1861.
Lot 6029:201: Type 5 duplex 'BURWOOD/FE15/3.33PM/95/[N.S.W] - 201' on creased 1d Postal Card.  Allocated to Burwood-PO 1/10/1861.
1032584 ΔA2303: type 2c on 1d DLR cut-out.
Allocated to Norwood-PO 1/5/1860; renamed Petersham PO 1/7/1872.
1057743 SB B1553: Rays on 1d Arms pair.
Allocated to Dight's Forest-PO 1/1/1870; renamed Jindera PO 1/6/1885.
6129170 ΔA A2754: rays on 1d Arms. [Rated S]
Allocated to Harwood Island-PO 1/2/1875.
1079228 SA A2754: rays on 1d Roo. [Rated 3R]
Allocated to Harwood Island-PO 1/2/1875.
6135948 B B2990: 2 strikes of BN on 1d Centennial x2 tied with framed 'ROUS/AU19/1890/N.S.W' (B2 - previously recorded by Hopson & Tobin for 1908 only) on cover to Hawthorn, Victoria, vertical crease. [Rated 2R]
Allocated to Dalwood Richmond River-PO 16/9/1879; renamed Rous PO 21/10/1882; TO 17/4/1950; closed 30/4/1952.
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