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AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery

3014879 PSA1974 OHMS Post Free Envelope: for Electoral Claim for NSW, nice official item. 20.00
3016233 PSAOHMS: OHMS Post Free envelope for Electoral Claim for W.A. 25.00
3016235 PSAPost Free Envelope: for Electoral Papers . 20.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Envelopes (Official)

3013860 PSAElectoral Papers Envelope Post Free Envelope for return of ballot papers with URGENT at top left. 20.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1066728 A-1916 stampless cover with violet 'O.H.M.S/War Census Call to Arms' handstamp, two boxed 'NOT KNOWN BY/LETTER CARRIERS/ST KILDA' handstamp, 'ST KILDA/93015MR16/VIC' (WWW 100) and magenta 'RETURNED TO SENDER' pointed finger on face of Town Clerk's Office, St. Kilda cover and 'DEAD LETTER OFFICE/24MR16/MELBOURNE' in red on back. [Cover would have contained a census form, and hence was sent postage free. The census was taken prior to the Conscription Referendum.] 100.00
6111338 ✉FB1943 'PAID SYDNEY/3D-7JY43/REGISTERED' in red on Deputy Director, Rationing Commission OHMS cover (damaged at base, roughly opened) with blue registration label and rectangle cachet 'RATIONING PAPERS ONLY - POST FREE' (A1-) in violet. 12.00
1062579 ✉FA-1944 use of Post Free 'Acknowledgement of Receipt of Electoral Claim' postcard, minor staining. 14.00
1062765 ✉FA-1945 use of registered stampless OHMS cover from Rationing Commission to Sydney County Council, cancelled with red 'SYDNEY/N.S.W/3 15MCH 3/1945/3D/PAID' machine cancel, violet boxed '[RATIO]NING PAPERS ONLY - POST FREE' (A2). Interesting. 32.00

AUSTRALIA - Military - World War II Period

1029318 ✉FB1940s use of stampless cover to Melbourne, straight-line 'PASSED FREE OF POSTAG[E]' (B2), straight-line 'H.M. AUSTRALIAN/SHIPS' (A1) and tombstone censor hand-stamp all in violet & on face.
Lot 5516:1940s use of stampless cover to Melbourne, straight-line 'PASSED FREE OF POSTAG[E]
1081820 A-1945 (Oct 15) stampless letter to Camberwell Vic, endorsed "Liberated/POW Officer", 'PASSED FREE/4-PM/15 OCT/1945/SURFACE/POSTAGE' machine cancel, small faults. 40.00
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