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Great Britain - Post Offices Abroad

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1053915  A1858 Ship Forgeries set of 5 on thick cream paper. 10.00


7002302 FA B11882-96 Wmk Crown/CA SG #36 10c dull mauve, Cat £22, cancelled with 'S1' of Shanghai 18.00
7002305 FA B11885 Surcharges SG #40 20c on 30c orange-red, cancelled with framed 'SHANGHAE/C/NO6/90'. 5.00

HONG KONG British Post Offices in China

7002277 FA1917-21 'CHINA' Opts Wmk Multi Crown/CA SG #1-6,13 1c to 10c & $1 (7) 5.00
1060359 FA C11863-71 Wmk Crown/CC Shanghai SG #Z778 24c green cancelled with 'S1' BN in blue, Cat £14. 10.00
7002281 VA B1Liu Kung Tau SG #Z1086 '[LIU-K]UNG-TAU/C/MY5/11' on 4c KEVII (SG #93) 4.00

HONG KONG British Post Offices in Japan

7002291 FA C1Yokohama SG #Z35 blue 'Y1' (A2) on 8c orange (SG #11), Cat £28. 20.00
7002293 FA C1Yokohama SG #Z38 'Y1' (A2) on 24c orange (SG #14), Cat £26. 20.00
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