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7001251 VA- C11918-21 Surcharges Wmk Mult Script CA SG #18 2r on 25pi yellow-green, one toned perf, Cat £15. 10.00
1066317 **A1948-51 Faisal II SG #294-6 200f, ½d & 1d (the 3 top values), MUH, Cat £87. 70.00
6112680 **A1986 Army Day SG #1696 200f M/sheet. 4.00
6112681 **A1986 Army Day SG #1696 200f M/sheet. 4.00

IRAQ - Postage Dues

1075017 *A1931 Issue SG #D93-102 ½a to 2r, Cat £83. (10) 60.00

IRAQ - First Day Covers

5007913 ✉VA-1980 Olympic Games 20f weight lifting on IOC FDC, Sc #969 cancelled with Baghdad olympic cancel, lightly toned edges. 3.00

IRAQ - Postal History

1073637 A-1921 (Aug 7) use of Occupation 3a on cover (creased) from Baghdad to Manchester. 10.00
1073635 A1922 (May 27) use of Occupation ½a & 1a on cover from Baghdad to Manchester. 15.00
1066705 ✉FB1944 commercial air cover to Ulster with 30f & 50f, boxed Censor (?) hand-stamp in violet, British & Iraqi (?) Censor tapes, strong vertical fold. 65.00

IRAQ - Flight Covers

1066741 ✉FC1929 1½a & 3a cancelled with type-written 'IRAQ TO INDIA/By Light Aeroplane/with Vct. and Vctess./J de Sibour.', backstamp of Baghdad 3JAN29, Karachi 5FEB29 and Baghdad 25MAY29. Enclosed blank letter head paper from sender Izzat F. Maidani shows part impression of type-written cancellation. While the cover and stamps are quite faulty it is very scarce with only about 50 covers carried. 100.00
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