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AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - First Watermark

1078625 FA A21d Red Die II BW #3(E)d [EL25] 'Extra Island' (Two Tasmanias) - late state left unit in horizontal pair, Cat $400+. 50.00
3012270 FA B15d Chestnut pair with fine Stock Exchange Late Fee duplex of 5DE13. 70.00

AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - Second Watermark

1061502 FA B12d Grey BW #6 pair, Cat $30, cancelled with boxed 'LATE FE[E]'. 16.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - Single Watermark

6131706 FA C11½d Red Die I - BW #89(24)f [24L37-43] vertical pair, unit 37 with Cracked electro in right side of crown - late state, Cat $100. 50.00
6133995 FA C11½d Red Die I - BW #89(24)f [24L37] Cracked electro in right side of crown - late state, Cat $100. 50.00
6132382 FA- C11½d Red Die I - BW #89(29)oa [29R50] Cracked electro in left side of crown - state II - additional scratch through upper right corner, Cat $140, few lightly toned perfs. [An unrecorded second scratch developing in upper right corner - late state?] 90.00

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

5003796 VA B21932-37 Large Lyrebird 1/- green, BW #145 cancelled with late fee cds. 1.00
5003422 VA B11950-62 KGVI - Late Portrait set of 12 to 1/0½d, BW #249-59. 1.00

AUSTRALIA - Commemorative Covers

1068238 A1947 PICAO commem cds on late use of 1937 Vic PPC for AIF Golf Day, to USA, sent under cover by Charlie Fawcett. 50.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1080592 A-1915 (Nov 27) use of 2½d Roo pair (1st Wmk) on cover to USA, cancelled with 'LATE FEE/1/445P12MR15/SPENCE[R ST VIC]' (A2) 80.00
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