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MALAYA Malaysia - Postmarks

1023589 ΔA B2Bagan Lallang: skeleton 'BAGAN LALLANG/8ME84/P.PINANG' on 20c. 3.00
1023429 A- B1Bumbong Lima: skeleton 'BUMBONG LIMA/22MY73/*/PULAU PINANG' on commercial cover. Opened 26/3/1973.
Lot 25499 [1 of 2]:Bumbong Lima: skeleton 'BUMBONG LIMALot 25499 [2 of 2]:Bumbong Lima: skeleton 'BUMBONG LIMA
1023430 A A2Bumbong Lima: BUMBONG LIMA/27OKT82-330PTG/P. PINANG' on 10c Postal Card. 3.00
1023594 A- A1Cherok to Kun: 37mm 'CHEROK TO KUN/1APR85■315PTG/PULAU PINANG' on commercial cover, reduced at left. 3.00
1023444 A A2Gua Musang: 'GUA MUSA[NG]/28OK83/KE[L]A[N]TA[N]' on Kelantan 5c butterfly & 15c Cross Top. 3.00
1023607 A A1Guar Perahu: skeleton GUAR PERAHU/24DI82/PULAU PINANG' on 15c Env.
PO 7/7/1975.
1023597 B B2Guar Perahu: 'GUAR PERAHU/1APR85-1215PTG/P. PINANG' on commercial cover, tone spots & reduced at left. 1.00
1023440 A B1Jalan Bukit Ubi: 'JALAN BUKIT UBI/14JU82/M/PAHANG' on Pahang 5c Flower x3. 3.00
1023600 ΔA B1Kampong Pertama: '/22OKT84-3-0PTG/PULAU PINANG' on 20c. Opened 3/7/1975. 1.00
1023602 A A1Kampong Selamat: '/10APR85-1-0PTG/P. PINANG' on 15c Postal Card, 'Wakil Pos/Kg. Selamat' hand-stamp (b2) in violet. 3.00
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