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AUSTRALIA - Advertising Covers

6117919 ✉FA-Ajax illustrated cover for Pumps & Irrigation Equipment, cancelled with 11 Apr 1962 Fortitude Valley, Qld. Postage Paid meter. 6.00
6114628 AAustralian Electrical Industries window-faced cover cancelled with 17 Nov 1960 meter. 5.00
6109305 ✉FAAustralian Gypsum window-faced cover with 11 April 1973 Parramatta, N.S.W. meter cancel. 5.00
6118157 ✉FAAustraliasian Division of Seventh-Day Adventists, Wahroonga cover for The Treasurer, cancelled with 18 Feb 1958 Wahroonga, N.S.W. paid meter. 5.00
6117898 BBrewer's Own Ale illustrated window-faced cover (wrinkled), with 28 Sep 1979 Springvale, Vic. meter cancel. 8.00
6111339 ✉FA-Chartres Pty Ltd cover with A Noiseless Remington Means a Quiet Office 1933 Melbourne meter cancel, toning along right edge. 8.00
6115267 ✉FA-Chartres Pty Ltd, Melbourne window-faced cover for A Noiseless Remington, franked with 7 Nov 1934 Melbourne Postage Paid meter cancel. 10.00
6114630 ✉FA-Dulux, South Melbourne small logo on window-faced cover cancelled with 11 Dec 1962 Clayton, Victoria meter, staple mark. 4.00
6116064 ✉FAEquitable Life window-faced cover cancelled with 15 Jun 1961 Melbourne meter cancel. 6.00
6122476 AHumes Ltd. window-faced cover for Masters in Concrete and Steel, 4 Jan 1963 Melbourne meter cancel. 6.00
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