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Military - Korean War Period

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AUSTRALIA - Military - Korean War Period

1075625 A1953 (Sep 8) stampless cover with 'PASSED FREE/730PM/8SEP/1952/SURFACE/POSTAGE' machine cancel, violet 'H.M.A. SHIPS' handstamp on face. 15.00
6132799 ΔA A1-1953 'NO.8.AUST BASE P.O./25SE53/C' on 3d green KGVI. 5.00

BELGIUM - Military - Korean War Period

1058087 ✉UB1951 use of American Red Cross envelopes, GB 6½d Registration Envelope flap and 2d stuck to face, cancelled with double-circle 'FIELD POST OFFICE/21JY/51/748' FPO '748' registration label also on face, untidy but scarce & commercial. 100.00

KOREA (South) - Military - Korean War Period

1057928 ✉FA1954 use of stampless cover from FPO 10?, censor handstamp on face. 130.00

MALAYA Federated Malay States

1075099 FA- A11900-01 Wmk Crown CA SG #22b 50c grey-brown & orange-brown, creased, Cat £50, part Kuala Kubu cds. 15.00
1075107 FA B11922-34 Wmk Mult Script CA SG #76a $1 grey-green & emerald, Cat £55, 1930 Teluk Anson cds. 40.00
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