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AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - First Watermark

1078695 *A B11d Red Die I BW #2ba Perf Large 'OS', Cat $30. 20.00
1080933 VA B11d Red Die I BW #2ba, perf large 'OS, Cat $10. 6.00
1073112 VA B21d Red Die I [BR33] Broken shading line above T of AUST - State II broken base of 2nd N of PENNY left unit of perf 'large 'OS' pair. 8.00
1078614 **A B21d Red Die I [CR20] Break in third shading line below Cape Arnhem in Gulf of Carpentaria - State I. 4.00
1079565 FA B21d Red Die I BW #2(C)f [CL37] White scratch from 'L' of 'AUSTRALIA' to near coast, perf large 'OS', Cat $20. 10.00
1078696 *A C11d Red Die IIA BW #4ba perf small 'OS', hinge rem, Cat $100. 40.00
1083242 *A- A11d Red Die IIA BW #4ba perf small 'OS', small inscripton on gum, Cat $100. 20.00
1073113 GA A12d Grey BW #5 perf 'OS/NSW'. 6.00
1083239 FA B22d Grey BW #5bb perf large 'OS', Cat $20 10.00
6132475 FA B12d Grey BW #5(1)d [1L6] Retouched bottom frame at right and flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria, perf Large 'OS', Cat $80, cancelled with '[P]T PIRIE UP/18OC15/[ST]H AUSTR' (A2- Rated 3R). [Flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria appears to be missing, early state?]
PO c.1881; closed c.1927.
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