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AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1124 ✉**A1950s Window Faced Envelope for The Reader's Digest Association P/L with Postage Paid 3d Sydney printed box, unusual mint example. 25.00 20.00 R

AUSTRALIA - WWII Military Postmarks

1156 A- B1A.I.F Field P.O. 'A.I.F. [FIELD P.O.]/13NO41/NO 18.' (Port Dickson), on double-circle 'POSTAGE PAID/25 CENTS/JOHORE' (A1) handstamp in red on air cover to Camberwell, Vic, with triangle 'PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown]/No. 2976' (A1-) in purple, few spots and creases. [Rated 150 by Proud] 25.00 20.00 R


1169 ΔA1Canberra (2): - 'PAID AT CANBERRA/-29OC70/AUCT-AUST' in red.
Renamed from Acton PO 2/6/1913; renamed Queen Victoria Terrace PO 1/2/1983.
5.00 4.00 R


1305 ΔA C1Broken Hill: - oval 'NEWSPAPER POSTAGE AT BROKEN HILL/29MR38/N.S.W' on part wrapper for 'Community', nice 'SYDNEY/7PM11AP38/N.S.W.27' roller cancel on face.
PO 1/1/1886.
20.00 16.00 R
1306 A B1Broken Hill: - 'PAID AT BROKEN HILL/---4NO75/N.S.W.' in red on addressed Air Mail cover.
PO 1/1/1886.
8.00 6.40 R
1335 A A1Darlington (3): - 'PAID AT DARLINGTON/1D 8DE30/N.S.W.' on cover.
PO 1/8/1882; closed 3/5/1974.
10.00 8.00 R
1348 A A2Fairfield (2): - 12-hr 'FAIRFIELD/2165/18MAR1987/P[RIORITY]/PAID/OFFICE' (A2) in violet and 2 poor strikes of 'FAIRFIELD/18MR87/[NSW-AUST]', on 36c America's Cup & 60c Lionfish x2 and small Priority Paid label on front and violet 24-hr 'CITY DELIVERY CENTRE/SYDNEY/19MAR1987/PRIORITY/PAID' (A1+) backstamp.
PO 20/2/1885.
4.00 3.20 R
1355 A A1Goulburn: - violet double-oval 'POSTMASTER/17FEB1982/GOULBURN N.S.W. 2580' backstamp on stampless APO cover cancelled with 24-hr clock 'SYDNEY G.P.O. 2000/16FEB1982/PRIORITY/PAID/OFFICE' (B2), small Priority Paid label.
PO 1/2/1832.
20.00 16.00 R
1362 A B2Ivanhoe: - 'IVANHOE/PAID/25JY00/NSW-AUST-2878' in black on long cover.
PO 1/1/1874.
8.00 6.40 R
1390 ΔA1Matraville: - 'PAID AT MATRAVILLE/--?20JA69/N.S.W-AUST' in red (cut-to-shape).
PO 15/12/1910; TO 28/2/1915; PO 26/7/1920.
Lot 1390:Matraville:
- 'PAID AT MATRAVILLE/--?20JA69/N.S.W-AUST' in red (cut-to-shape).  PO 15/12/1910; TO 28/2/1915; PO 26/7/1920.
6.00 4.80 R
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