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AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Wrappers

1070694 PSA-1913-15 ½d Green Kangaroo BW #W1 Cat $20, 194 (Oct 9) use from Sydney to London, underpaid and taxed 1d. 30.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1064697 ✉FA-1928 use of 1½d red KGV on cover to USA, underpaid & taxed, fine instructional handstamp on back asking the addressee to advise the sender that they have underpaid the postage. 20.00
1070749 A1932 (Jan 2) use of 1d green KGV PPC on from Sydney to Melbourne, red 'N.S.W/T/1D' shield on face. 30.00
1070750 B1932? air cover from Brisbane to Sydney with boxed 'EXCEEDS "½" OZS/TAX' + oval 'T7D' on face. 1d PDue x7 on back, Unfortunately stamps on face removed. Rare markings. 20.00
1062791 ✉FA-1937 use of stampless cover with Sydney 1 'POSTED IN/PILLAR BOX' machine cancel to Eastwood, magenta 'REFUSED/TO PAY/TAX' (A1) backstamp applied at DLO. 20.00
1068191 B1937 (Apr 16) use of Vic 1890s 2d violet, uncancelled and taxed, presumably as the stamp is inscribed Stamp Duty. A bit spotty, unusual. 30.00


1067178 A- A1Daly Waters: - 'DALY WATERS/8OC34/N.A.' on ½d orange KGV x4 & 3d Airmail on Queensland Airmail Society cover to Adelaide via Perth (AAMC #429), 'TAX3D' handstamp on face. [Rated 2R]
PO c.1883; closed 30/6/1978.

VICTORIA Datestamps

1072296 ΔA A2Koondrook: - WWW #20 framed 'KOONDROOK/OC17/05/VIC' on 1d pink paiir on part Tatt's cover.
PO 1/3/1879; LPO 22/10/1993.
1065280 A B3Koondrook: - WWW #20 framed 'KOONDROOK/JE3/10/VIC' on 1d pink, 'T'-in-oval with "2d" on face.
PO 1/3/1879; LPO 22/10/1993.

GERMANY - Postal History

1065773 A1895 (Aug 1) use of 5pf Postal Card to England German boxed 'T.' and English 1½D/F.B', both on face. 10.00
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