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Postal Stationery - Envelopes (PTPO)

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AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Envelopes (PTPO)

1080257 PSA1916-22 1d Red KGV Star BW #EP9(2) Die 3 on grey laid bâtonné, unused, Cat $50 20.00
3013863 PSA1916-22 1d Red KGV Star BW #ES30 Die III, used in 1917. 36.00
3012899 PSB1916-22 1d Red KGV Star BW #ES31 Die 4 OHMS Envelope, for Land Board Office to Sir Wm Brown cancelled Tamworth 25 MR 18, roughly opened at top right causing damage to Embossing scarce. 30.00
1072624 PSA-1922-24 1d Violet KGV Star With 'POSTAGE' BW #ES41 on Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works cover, Cat $100, 1924 use from Melbourne with flap unstuck. 60.00
1070768 PSA-1919-21 1½d Brown KGV Star No 'POSTAGE' BW #ES51 Die 2 on Parke, Davis & Co window envelope, a little discoloured, Cat $200. 1919 (Apr 8) use from Sydney. 30.00
1063583 PSC1919-21 1½d Brown KGV Star No 'POSTAGE' BW #ES51 Die 2 on Shire of Euroa Council Chambers cover, Cat $300, tatty but quite rare, used 1919. 26.00
1072628 PSC1923-24 1½d Green KGV Star With 'POSTAGE' BW #ES55 on window envelope, a bit battered, Cat $40, 1924 use from Melbourne. 10.00
3014654 PSA1924-28 1½d Red KGV Star With 'POSTAGE' BW #ES56, with printed address for the Commercial Travellers' Association of Victoria Melbourne. 40.00
3012468 PSA1922-23 2d Red KGV Star With 'POSTAGE' BW #ES61 on pre-addressed envelope for J G Stanfield Queen St Melbourne, few minor creases. 50.00
3014242 PSA-1922-23 2d Red KGV Star With 'POSTAGE' BW #ES61 2d red on long window faced envelope used in 1923 few creases. 25.00
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