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QUEENSLAND - Postal Fiscals

3015144 *A B11892 Long Type F18 6d green with light gum crease. 170.00
7000955 FA B31871-72 Wmk Large Crown & Q With Burelé Band SG #F29 2/6d vermilion, Cat £160, with pencil cancel. 20.00

TASMANIA - Postal Fiscals

3015148 *A B11880 Platypus Wmk Tas F28 6d mauve 100.00
3015531 *A B11863-80 Wmk Doubled Line '1' F24 5/- sage-green perf 11½, scarce mint. 220.00
3013554 ΩA B11880 Platypus Wmk TAS Perf 14 SG #F26 2d slate, MNG. 16.00
3013555 *S B11880 Platypus Wmk TAS Perf 14 SG #F27 3d chestnut. 24.00
3013556 *A B11880 Platypus Wmk TAS Perf 14 SG #F28 6d mauve. 100.00
3016344 FA1880 Platypus Wmk TAS Perf 14 SG #F29 1/- rose-pink. 25.00
3013558 *A B11900 Overprinted 'REVENUE' SG #F34 3d chestnut. 40.00
3016346 FA1900 Postal Fiscals Overprinted 'REVENUE' SG #F34 3d pair tied to piece by cds NO 30 1900. 50.00
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