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AUSTRALIA - Commemorative Covers

6120959 ✉FA1960 7th Victorian Philatelic Association Congress Illustrated cover franked with 5d Christmas & cancelled with 'BALLARAT/4P26NO60/1/VIC-AUST' in red, addressed. 15.00
6120952 ✉FA-1970 Victorian Philatelic Association Congress illustrated 6c Envelope, 8 Nov 1970 Melbourne cancel, addressed, light toning. 10.00

VICTORIA Datestamps

6125345 A A1Dean: - WWW #30B 'DEAN/13NO65/VICTORIA' in red on 5d Churchill on 12th VPA Congress illustrated cover, addressed.
PO 2/9/1861; closed 31/12/1980.
6125700 A A2Fitzroy (2): - WWW #160A red 'FITZROY N.6./10OC64/VIC-AUST' on 5d 1st. Air Mail on illustrated Fitzroy Philatelic Society Exhibition cover, addressed. [Rated S]
RH 2/2/1874; PO 10/9/1877.
6124093 A A2Williamstown (1): - WWW #160B 'WILLIAMSTOWN W.16/18NO65/VIC-AUST' (arcs 1,½) in green on illustrated Williamstown PS cover addressed to Boys.
PO 1/3/1850; closed 24/8/1979.
1081959 A B1Yallourn (2): - WWW #30A green 'YALLOURN/29NO58/VIC-AUST' (arcs 4,4) on 4d claret QEII on illustrated 5th VPA Congress cover, addressed.
Renamed from Western Camp PO 8/10/1923; closed 31/1/1980.
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