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AUSTRALIA - Postal History

6106921 ✉FA1936 use of 1d green & 2d red KGV, cancelled with Sydney 'Posted in Pillar Box' 8APR1936 machine, on cover to USA. 12.00
1062791 ✉FA-1937 use of stampless cover with Sydney 1 'POSTED IN/PILLAR BOX' machine cancel to Eastwood, magenta 'REFUSED/TO PAY/TAX' (A1) backstamp applied at DLO. 20.00

QUEENSLAND - Postal History

1078746 A1905 (Dec 28) use of coloured PPC of 'Cutting Sugar Cane, Bundaberg, Queensland' from Brisbane to Grand Hotel Melbourne where a readdressing label was applied and the PPC was forwarded to the Grand Hotel, Queenscliff. 1d stamp cancelled with with octagonal pillar box cancel. 40.00


9000225 ΔC1Brisbane: - octagonal 'O/P1B/OC14/98' on 2d. (Posted in overseas box) 1.00

TASMANIA Datestamps

9000064 SB1Hobart: - framed '/A/MY6/02/P-R' ("Pillar Receiver") on 2d Pictorial. 4.00

MAURITIUS - Postmarks

1062680 SA B2Port Louis Pillar Room: 'PILLAR RO[OM]/C./JA1?/[?]/[PORT] LOUIS' on 1904 3c green & carmine. [Does not appear to be recorded by Proud] 6.00
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