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WWII Military Postmarks

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AUSTRALIA - WWII Military Postmarks

5022500 B1st Bge. H.Q.P.O. '1ST/BGE. H.G.P.O./5FE41/P.1.' (Kilo 89 Camp, Gaza, Palestine) on 9d platypus on air cover to Launceston, Tas, with triangular 'PASSED BY/CENSOR/[crown]/No3461' (A1) in purple, light creasing, some toned spots. [Rated 125 by Proud]
Lot 5533 [1 of 2]:1st Bge. H.Q.P.O. '1ST/BGE. H.G.P.O.Lot 5533 [2 of 2]:1st Bge. H.Q.P.O. '1ST/BGE. H.G.P.O.
5024326 A- B2-2nd Bde. H.Q.P.O. '2NO[BDE H].Q.P.O./19JL41/W.2.' (Qastina, Palestine) on 9d Platypus on air cover to Bendigo, Vic, with triangular 'PASSED BY/CENSOR/[crown]/No. 3057' (A1) in purple, some light creasing. [Rated 200 by Proud]
Lot 5534:2nd Bde. H.Q.P.O. '2NO[BDE H].Q.P.O./19JL41
1072539 A A22nd Bde. H.Q.P.O. '2ND BDE.H.Q.P.O./8JY41/W.2.' (LRD - Khassa, Palestine) on 9d Platypus on air cover to NSW, triangle 'PASSED BY CENSOR.No. 2258' [Rated 200. Must have been used for a very short time, Proud states that they ceased using the cds on 3/4/41 and mail was then cancelled at FPO 6. They only resumed cancelling early July 1941 and began using FPO 9 almost straight away.] 50.00
5023651 A B1-A.F.P.O. 'A.F.P.O./28JE43/NO26.' (Gorrie, NT) on 4d Koala on ACF air cover to Quandialla, NSW, with double-oval 'R.A.A.F. CENSOR/613' (B1) in purple.
Lot 5536:A.F.P.O. 'A.F.P.
5018814 A B1A.F.P.O. 'A.F.P.O. NO30/18OC48/R.A.A.F · JAPAN' on stampless British Commonwealth Forces cover to Tatts.
Lot 5537:A.F.P.O. 'A.F.P.O. NO30/18OC48/R.A.A.F · JAPAN' on stampless British Commonwealth Forces cover to Tatts.
1081817 A- B1A.I.F Field P.O. 'A.I.F. [FIELD P.O.]/13NO41/NO 18.' (Port Dickson), on double-circle 'POSTAGE PAID/25 CENTS/JOHORE' (A1) handstamp in red on air cover to Camberwell, Vic, with triangle 'PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown]/No. 2976' (A1-) in purple, few spots and creases. [Rated 150 by Proud] 25.00
5003192 A- A1A.I.F. ARMY P.O. 'A.I.F. ARMY P.O./29JA44/49.' (Alice Springs APO, NT), tying 4d Koala to plain air cover, bearing boxed 'AUSTRALIAN/MILITARY FORCES/PASSED BY CENSOR/185' (A1-) in purple, small closed tear at top. 3.00
1067102 B B2A.I.F. Army P.O. 'A.I.F. ARMY P.O./25JE43/49.' (Alice Springs, NT) on 5½d Emu on cover with blue provisional registration label. 30.00
1067104 A B1A.I.F. Army P.O. 'A.I.F. ARMY P.O./1MY44/49.' (Alice Springs, NT) on 2½d red KGVI on cover to Sydney. 15.00
1057777 B B1A.I.F. Field P.O. 'A.I.F. FIELD P.O./24NO41/NO.6.' (Julis, Palestine), on 9d Platypus on Rockville, Qld, with violet boxed 'PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown] No. 2713' (B1). [Rated 150 by Proud] 16.00
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