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Korean War Military Postmarks

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AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - First Watermark

1059515 FB B11d Red Die I BW #2(B)k Right frame dented opposite Brisbane, Cat $20, pmk straddles flaw and crease at base. 4.00
1061407 GA B11d Red Die II BW #3(F)h [FR1] Diagonal white scratch off coast at Adelaide top unit in vertical pair, Cat $20, messy pmk. 8.00
1061417 UA- C21d Red Die IIA BW #4(H)h [HR58] White scratches through words of value, Cat $50, messy pmk and other small faults. 5.00

AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - CofA Watermark

1066940 FA B19d Violet vertical pair lower unit Break in shading line above last E of PENCE [4R53 or 4R60], rounded corner, flaw partially obscured by pmk. 20.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - Single Watermark

1069013 FA B11½d Red Die I - [24R21] Lower frame missing below PE of PENCE, partially obscured by pmk. 4.00
1064440 FA C12d Red Die I - BW #96(13)d [13L35] Broken top to crown, partially obscured by pmk, Cat $18. 8.00
1066861 FA B12d Red Die I - [15R23] Coloured flaw in crown and compartment lines below lower frame, partly obscured by pmk. 6.00
1079534 FA B14d Violet - BW #111(2)vd [2R58] Break in upper right frame and white spot over FO of FOUR, pmk over Dot, perf 'OS', Cat $80. 30.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - No Watermark

1069505 FA C11½d Red Die I - [18R40] TH joined, partially obscured by pmk. 15.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - CofA Watermark

1067501 FA C14d Olive - BW #117(4)l [4R48] colour flaw on kangaroo's nose, pmk partially covers flaw, Cat $20. 6.00
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