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AUSTRALIA - Postal History

3014646 ✉FA1956 cover to Ballarat with NOT KNOWN BY POSTMEN BALLARAT in violet and fine double ring Dead letter Office Melbourne Examined by No1 cancel in violet. 35.00

VICTORIA Datestamps

6125056 A- B1Clarinda (1): - WWW #20 'CLARINDA/5DE60/VIC' on face of unclaimed cover, franked with 5d Qld. Stamp Centenary, cancelled with 21 Nov 1960 Melbourne machine, originally addressed to Clarinde PO, violet straight-line 'Unclaimed at Clayton' (A1) and violet 'UNKNOWN BY/POSTMEN CLAYTON' (B2) also on face.
RO 13/9/1911; PO c.-/10/1923, provisionally closed 27/4/1971; closed 29/7/1971.
6125340 A A2Dead Letter Office: - WWW #10262 violet triple-oval 'DEAD LETTER OFFICE/24NOV1967/MELBOURNE, AUST.' backstamp on cover from Ontario, Canada, violet 'UNKNOWN BY POSTMEN PRESTON' (A1-), boxed 'UNCLAIMED AT/PRESTON' (B2) x2, 'PRESTON N.18/18NO67/VIC-AUST' (WWW #80A - A1) and pointed finger on face, 'PRESTON N.18/5/3NO67/VIC-AUST' (WWW #330A - A2) backstamp. [Rated 2R]
For offices other than Melbourne see the office indicated in the inscription.
6125687 AFerntree Gully (1): - violet 'NOT KNOWN BY POSTMEN/FERNTREE GULLY' (B1-) and violet boxed 'UNCLAIMED AT/FERNTREE GULLY' (B2) on face on unclaimed cover addressed to Tea Tree Gully, franked with 5d blue QEII, 14 June 1960 Melbourne slogan cancel.
PO 1/1/1873; renamed Ferntree Gully South PO 15/4/1967.
6111693 A A2Fitzroy (2): - registered Shire of Eltham cover, franked with 1d purple QEII, 6d Kooka & 1/- Lyrebird, cancelled with 'ELTHAM/4AU58/VIC-AUST' (A2 - WWW#50A), 'UNCLAIMED/RETURN/TO/SENDER' pointed-finger (B1) and two-lined 'UNKNOWN BY POSTMEN/AT FITZROY N.6.' (B2) both in violet on face.
RH 2/2/1874; PO 10/9/1877.
6115232 A A1-Footscray West: - WWW #40A 'FOOTSCRAY WEST W.12/10MR64/VIC-AUST', (arcs ½,1½ ) on front on window-faced Yencken, Everything for Building, Sth. Melb cover, franked with 5d blue QEII, 29 Feb 1964 Melbourne slogan cancel, violet 'RETURN TO/SENDER' pointed-finger, 'Unclaimed at Footscray West, W.12' (A1-) and 'UNKNOWN BY POSTMEN/FOOTSCRAY WEST W.12.' (B2) handstamps. [Rated R]
RO 15/4/1914; PO c.-/12/1916; LPO 1/2/1998.
1081186 A A2South Yarra (2): - WWW #380 violet 46½x40mm boxed 'POST OFFICE/24APR1951/SOUTH YARRA NO. 1.' (LRD) backstamp on cover from Hobart, 'UNCLAIMED AT/SOUTH YARRA S.E.1' and '[UN]KNOWN BY POSTMEN/STH YARR[A]' both on face. [Rated 4P]
PO 21/6/1858.
6102915 A A1Tatura: - Tatura Agricultural Society cover with meter cancel of 16 October 1967 and 'UNKNOWN BY POSTMEN' violet cachet and pointed finger 'RETURN TO SENDER' on front.
PO 1/2/1875.


5001317 **A B11945 Post & Telephone Workers set of 4, Mi #173-6. 1.00
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