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AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - CofA Watermark

1068213 A-9d Violet x2 on 1936 (Aug 31) air cover from Lismore to Sydney. Unusual rate. 120.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - Single Watermark

1068366 A-1d Red Smooth Paper - BW #71 carmine (aniline) shade on cover to USA, Cat $50. Underpaid by ½d for printed matter, no tax applied. 30.00

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

1068237 A1950 Foundation of Commonwealth 1/6d on PPC to USA, overpaid as 1/6d was the airmal rate for letters, Postcards were only 1/-. 50.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Envelopes (PTPO)

1071657 PSA-1953-57 3d Green QEII Large Die BW #ES91 on window faced envelope, 1954 use Melbourne to England where several attempts made to find the addressee. 15.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Wrappers

1071304 PSA1953-59 2½d Brown QEII BW #W27 Die 2 red-brown shade, uprated with 1/- Lyre & ½d Roo, 1956 (Feb 21) use from NSW to Soeul, California, so being sent to a US serviceman in South Korea. [12-14oz rate to foreign countries.] 40.00

AUSTRALIA - Advertising Covers

6114675 ✉FA-Radio Australia, Melbourne illustrated Air Mail card 'Greetings from Radio Australia' pre-printed on reverse in Japanese, franked with 6d Anteater, 11 Aug 1964 Melbourne slogan cancel, sent to Indonesia, endorsed "Return to Sender, Australia". 20.00
6114676 ✉FA-Radio Australia, Melbourne Air Mail card pre-printed on reverse in Indonesian, franked with 6d Anteater and undated machine cancel, sent to Indonesia, magenta 'RETURN/TO/SENDER/D.L.O. MELB' pointed-finger. 20.00
6116078 ✉FA-Singer Sewing Machine Company illustrated cover franked with 6d Kookaburra pair, cancelled with poor Elizabeth St, Melbourne cds, blue registration label (partly covering illustration), addressed to Hobart, biro annotations on front. 16.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1073373 B1924 (Apr 22) use of 1d violet KGV pair on cover for RW Hodgins & Son Victoria Nursery Catalogue, from Essendon to Box Hill, flap unsealed for printed matter rate. Flap partly separated and tear, typical condition for these overweight envelopes. 50.00
1064697 ✉FA-1928 use of 1½d red KGV on cover to USA, underpaid & taxed, fine instructional handstamp on back asking the addressee to advise the sender that they have underpaid the postage. 20.00
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