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Postal Stationery - Registration Envs (Official)

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1055272 VASpain: 1p Pro Seminario Zaragoza, 4 large even margins, "cancelled". 3.00

NEW SOUTH WALES - Postal Stationery - Registration Envs (Official)

1080591 PSB1888-91 Centennial HG #DC2, 6d violet on cream laid paper, no seal on backflap, backflap 69mm high, cancelled with Sydney duplex, endorsed "Found torn/in/G.P.O./..." on flap and repaired with selvedge, fine oval 'OFFICIALLY REGISTERED/SYDNEY/FE2792/3D TO PAY' (A2+) on face, minor faults. 100.00

AUSTRIA - First Day Covers

5010570 ✉VA1955 State Treaty 2s blue-grey on Mercury Pro Patria FDC, cancelled with Wien I Pictorial cancel. 3.00


300152 FA B21916 Pro-Juventute 5c, Mi #131 Cat €12, blunt cnr perf. 3.00
300147 FA B11929 Pro-Juventute 5c to 20c Mi 235-37. 1.00
300137 *A A11949 Pro Juventute 5c to 40c, Mi #541-4. 1.00
300151 FA A11921 Pro Juventute SG #J17-8 10c & 20c, 3.00
300144 FA B11932 Pro-Juventute SG #J60-3 5c to 30c, Cat £17.
Lot 25989:1932 Pro-Juventute SG #J60-3 5c to 30c, Cat £17.
300142 FA- A11937 Pro Juventute 20c, SG #J82 light toning on couple of perfs.
Lot 25990:1937 Pro Juventute 20c, SG #J82 light toning on couple of perfs.
300139 FA A11949 Pro-Juventute SG #J128-31 5c to 40c. 4.00
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