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Postal Stationery - Wrappers (PTPO)

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AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery - Wrappers (PTPO)

1071311 PSA1957-59 3½d Orange QEII Small Die BW #WS33 for Sydney Stock Exchange, large piece with address, 1957 roller cancel, Cat $250. 60.00

TASMANIA - Postal Stationery - Wrappers (PTPO)

7000166 PSA1882 HG #KE2 ½d red on rose wove paper, 110x279mm, fresh unused. 40.00
1059493 PSA1882 HG #KE3 1d red on white horizontal laid, 103x269mm. 20.00
1059491 PSA-1882 HG #KE3 1d red on blue horizontal laid with part inverted & reversed Britannia wmk, 104x269mm, pinhole. 16.00

VICTORIA - Postal Stationery - Wrappers (PTPO)

3013931 PSA1885 ½d Pink on Buff Stock Stieg #KE4. 20.00
1082451 PSA1885 ½d Pink on Buff Stock Stieg #KE4a fresh unused, Cat $15. 10.00
1082452 PSB1885 ½d Pink on Buff Stock Stieg #KE4a unused, reduced in length a bit, Cat $15. 5.00
1082502 PSA-1885 QV Stieg #KE6 1d green on unwmked buff stock, slightly aged, Cat $20. 10.00
1082501 A1885 QV Stieg #KE6 1d green on unwmked buff stock, Cat $20. 12.00
3013930 PSA1885 1d Green on Buff Stock Stieg #KE6. 30.00
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