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Red Cross

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1019301 **A B1Austria: dark blue 'Black Cross' marginal single. 3.00

AUSTRALIA - Covers By Manufacturer

7000527  ASigma 1954 3½d Red Cross on annotated cover. Melbourne 17 cancel of 9JE54. Rare, contents included. 30.00
7000563  ASigma 1963 5d Red Cross on illustrated cover. GPO Melbourne FDI cancel of 8MAY63. 5.00
6108051 ✉FAWCS 1963 5d Red Cross tied to illustrated FDC by 'DRAYTON NORTH/8MY63/QLD-AUST' (A2 - large 'Q') cds, addressed in pencil. 15.00


1067142 A A1Berrimah: - 'BERRIMAH/8MY63/NT-AUST' on 5d Red Cross FDC.
PO 2/1/1957.

ALGERIA - Postal History

1066687 A1943 use of 50c pair and 1f50 pair, cancelled with 'CAP-MATIFOU/1625/20-1/43/ALGER' (B1), to Red Cross, Geneva, '51-929-W.&S. P.C.90/OPENED BY/EXAMINER 1097' label at left, German 'A.x.' (A1+) censor on back, Le Vaquemestre handstamp in TLC. [Cap Matifou was captured by the allies on 8/11/1942] 50.00


5009150 *A A11918 Red Cross 15c+15c blue-violet, Mi #133. 3.00
5009147 FA B11914 Red Cross I SG #153 20c+20c violet & red forgery of.
Lot 19880:1914 Red Cross I SG #153 20c+20c violet & red forgery of.

BELGIUM - Military - Korean War Period

1058087 ✉UB1951 use of American Red Cross envelopes, GB 6½d Registration Envelope flap and 2d stuck to face, cancelled with double-circle 'FIELD POST OFFICE/21JY/51/748' FPO '748' registration label also on face, untidy but scarce & commercial. 100.00


5010713 VA A11985 Anniversaries complete set of 5, Sc #724-8 Pasteur, Red Cross, Girl Guides, Queen Mother & Statue of Liberty, CTO. 3.00
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