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AUSTRALIA KGV - Single Watermark

1070918 VA B12d Red Die I - BW #96(12A)j [12AR54] Recut right 2, Cat $200. 30.00
6105167 FA- D22d Red Die I - BW #96(12A)j [12AR54] Recut 2 at right, and broken top to crown, Cat $75, couple of short perfs and light tone spots. 25.00
1074664 FA D12d Red Die I - BW #96(12A)j [12AR54] Recut right 2, Cat $200. 30.00
1028350 FA A12d Red Die I - BW #96(12A)j [12AR54] Recut right 2, Cat $200.
Lot 2385:2d Red Die I
- BW #96(12A)j [12AR54] Recut right 2, Cat $200.

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

1069965 FA B11940 AIF BW #218m 1d green Recut shading in TLC, Cat $35. 25.00
1074722 **A1957 Flying Doctor BW #337dc Recut frame & weak entry under AUSTR in association with 'wandering dot' electro d [ShA 1/6] in TRC block of 6, Cat $75+. 40.00
1069984 FA B21959-66 QEII Definitives BW #352d 3½d dark green Re-entry to 'E' & left frame [ShtA L1/10], Cat $20. 10.00
1069985 FA B11959-66 QEII Definitives BW #355h 5d blue Recut shading lines left of Queen's hair [ShA R4/5], Cat $75. 40.00
1058743 *A B11959-66 Native Fauna BW #358(I)ja 8d Tiger Cat on ordinary paper pair, both with Recut base frame & shading below AUSTRALIA - Type I [ShB R1/1-2], Cat $40+. 13.00


6123362 SA B2Canberra East: - 26mm 'CAN[BE]RRA EAS[T]/????0/A.C.[T]' on 1d AIF. [Unrecorded - possibly altered from 'FCT']
Renamed from Eastlake PO 1/1/1929; renamed Kingston PO 1/10/1944.
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