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AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - First Watermark

91 FA B12d Grey - BW #5(1)d [1L6] Retouched bottom frame at right and flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria, perf Large 'OS', Cat $80, cancelled with '[P]T PIRIE UP/18OC15/[ST]H AUSTR' (A2- Rated 3R). [Flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria appears to be missing, early state?]
PO c.1881; closed c.1927.
40.00 32.00 R

AUSTRALIA - Booklets

926 B**A1993 Trains BW #B190 $4.50, Cat $12. 6.00 This lot is no longer available

NEW SOUTH WALES - Railway Stamps

1208 UA/A-1925-48 Wmk NSW/R 1d, 3d, 9d, 1/- & 3/-, Elsmore Cat $70. 40.00 32.00 R


1231 A- A1221: rays (3R16) on 1d Arms, tied by framed 'HUNTERS HILL/JY29/1906/N.S.W' (B1) on PPC.
Allocated to Hunter's Hill-PO 1/6/1858.
6.00 4.80 R
1277 ΔA A21878: 2nd BN (5½x14½mm) on 1d Arms.
Allocated to Pennant Hills Railway-PO 1/6/1898; renamed Pennant Hills PO 1/8/1898.
Lot 1277:1878: 2nd BN (5½x14½mm) on 1d Arms.  Allocated to Pennant Hills Railway-PO 1/6/1898; renamed Pennant Hills PO 1/8/1898.
4.00 3.50 sold


1307 A B2Broken Hill Railway Town: - 'BROKEN HILL/18DE08-5.45PM/RLY TOWN NSW' (base inscription inverted) on 1d Arms on multicoloured PPC.
Renamed from Broken Hill R.S. PO 1/3/1905; closed 30/1/1987.
10.00 8.00 R
1356 A A1Grosvenor Street: - 'GROSVENOR STREET/29AP88/NSW-2000' (closing day) on 37c Platypus PSE, unaddressed.
Replaced George Street North PO 7/8/1972; renamed Grosvenor Place PO 2/5/1988.
5.00 4.00 R


1557 SA A2617: '617' on 2d 4-Corners. [Rated 2R]
Allocated to Mudgeeraba-RO c.1878; PO c.1902; closed c.1913.
15.00 12.00 R


1606 ΔA A1Byrnestown R.S.: - 'BYRNESTOWN--/15JL36/QUEENSLAND' ('R.S.' replaced by hyphens) on 2d Cable.
Renamed from Ginoon RO 9/12/1909; PO c.-/6/1910; closed 11/2/1974.
6.00 4.80 R
1682 ΔA A1Moresby (2): - 'MORESBY/3NO47/QLD.' on 2½d Shortland (cut-to-shape). [Rated 3R]
PO c.-/6/1947; closed 29/2/1984.
40.00 32.00 R
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