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AUSTRALIA - Postage Dues

131699 FB B11909-10 Wmk Crown/A Thick Paper: 1d Die 2 P12.2x12.4, BW #D78. 1.00
131740 *A B11938-63 New Frame Plates: 1d ACSC D123. 3.00
600615 **A B11953-59 New Value Plates For Shilling Values: BW #D139 1/- carmine & yellow-green gutter pair, Cat $40+.
Lot 829:1953-59 New Value Plates For Shilling Values: BW #D139 1/- carmine & yellow-green gutter pair, Cat $40+.

AUSTRALIA Decimal Issues

1062588 **A A11967 Banking BW #474d 4c block of 3, top left unit showing White spot between RS of YEARS [RP 8/1], right unit also with prominent uncatalogued White line over '4c' [RP 9/2] 4.00

AUSTRALIA - Postal History

1062321 ✉FA1953 use of ½d & 1/- cancelled with 'G.P.O. SYDNEY/R.S./16DE53P--/I/N.S.W-AUST' & matching 'I' registration label on OHMS cover from The New Zealand Senior Trade Commissioner to South Coogee. 10.00
1062322 A1957 use of 1/7d Registration Envelope cancelled with 'G.P.O. SYDNEY/R.S./P28OC57/C/N.S.W-AUST' & matching 'C' label . 6.00


6122554 A- A2615: 2 overlapping strikes of BN on 1d Arms pair tied with framed 'WALLERAWANG/JU12/1907/N.S.W' (A2) backstamp on Tatt's cover (spike holes).
Allocated to Wallerawang R.S.-PO 1/7/1871; renamed Wallerawang PO 15/8/1873.
1072284 SA B21158: BN on 1d Centennial 'OS'. [Rated SS]
Allocated to Moonbi R.S.-PO 16/1/1883; renamed Moonbi Railway PO 15/9/1913.
6129235 SA A21215: on 2d blue.
Allocated to Tarro R.S.-PO 1/9/1883; renamed Tarro PO 15/3/1913.
1076486 SA B21274: '1274' on 1d Arms. [Rated SS]
Allocated to Booroolong R.S.-PO 8/12/1884; renamed Black Mountain PO c.1886; closed 28/9/1985.
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