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RUSSIA - IMPERIAL - Postal History

1066716 ✉FA1892 use of 7k blue on buff (H&G #B42) envelope uprated with 3k red & 10k blue, cancelled with poor 16 Jan 1892 cds, backstamped with 'S. REMO/|/2·92/7?/??MAURIZ?' (B2). 50.00
1064657 A-1915 use of stampless POW card from an Austrian prisoner, censored in Russia and Austria. 50.00
1066717 ✉FA-1919 use of 15k Arms pair cancelled on 14.2.19 on cover to USA, 'Opened/by/Censor No 4.' tape at left tied by indistinct censor handstamp. 80.00
1057934 ✉FA-1919 use of 20k red & blue & 15k blue & red-brown arms, cancelled with cyrillic Ussurick cds of 4.5.19 on small envelope to California bearing 'Opened/by/Censor' label with light 3 line censor handstamp in purple & with circled 'T' (A1) & straight-line 'Postage due _"14"_ cents' (A1) in purple, slightly reduced at both ends. 110.00
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