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NEW SOUTH WALES - Telegram Forms

1082091 PSA/A-1895 Normal Telegram Hancock N-D-10c red on white with italic text etc, 'GULGONG/22AU1906/N.S.W' cancel, with dark green/white Telegram Envelope #N-E-5. 100.00
1082090 PSA/A-1908 Normal Telegram Hancock N-D-15(II) red on white with 'S' added, 'LISMORE/3DE1908/[N.S.W]' cancel, with bright green/white Telegram Envelope #N-E-5. 100.00

NEW SOUTH WALES - Postal History

7001701 A1906 (Apr 24) use of 5d & ½d on registered cover from Postal and Electric Telegraph Department to USA. 40.00


6119831 A- A1Darwin (2): - 'T.O.DARWIN/8AU55/NORTH-AUST' on TG42B Telegram form. [Rare use of this cds in the post-WWII period.]
PO 19/2/1946.

TASMANIA Datestamps

9000538 ΔB2Burnie: - 'TELEGRAPH OFFICE/16JA52/BURNIE'. [Rated R] 4.00
6120617 ΔA A1Palana: - mss "Palana/6/1/50" on 1/6d Air Mail. on telegram piece.
TO 18/6/1916; closed c.1976.
6132652 ΔA B2Roses Tier: - 'ROSES TIER/1?AP64/TAS-AUST' on 5d green QEII. [Rated 3R]
TO 10/8/1954; closed 30/11/1964.

VICTORIA Datestamps

1078169 ΔA2Altona: - WWW #1120 violet double-oval 'TELEGRAPH OFFICE/13AUG1985/PH. 398 2809/ALTONA VIC 3018' (ERD). [Rated 4R]
RO 14/1/1918; PO c.1921.
1079787 ΔA1+Ascot Vale: - 46x32½mm double-oval ASCOT VALE/30JUL1986/TELEGRAPH' WWW #1720 on piece.[Rated 4R - only recorded date]
Renamed from Ascot Vale West PO c.1893.
1080428 ΔA1+Bacchus Marsh: - WWW #910 magenta double-circle 'BACCHUS MARSH/30APR1986/TELEGRAPH OFFICE', on piece. [Rated 4R - the only recorded date.]
Renamed from Ballan PO 1/7/1850.
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