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NEW SOUTH WALES Travelling Post Offices

1483 SA B2North: undated 'G.N.R.P/_._/N.S.W' Peck #N1 on 2d DLR . [Rated 7] 25.00 20.00 R
1484 A B1South: 'T.P.O.1 SOUTH/UP11AP38/2/N.S.W.', Peck #1S15 on 5d brown KGV Registration Envelope with Calleen label to Sydney 20.00 16.00 R
1485 SA- B2South: 25mm '[TRAVELLING P.]O. SOUTH No2/[?]Y/1901/N.S.W', Peck #2S6a on 2d blue pair. [Rated 5] 8.00 6.40 R
1486 A- C2South: oval '[TRA]VELLING POST SOUTH/FE15/92/N.S.W' (S5) backstamp on Postal Card from Lake Bathurst. [Rated 6] 60.00 48.00 R

TASMANIA - Postal Stationery - Postal Cards

2021 PSA-1894-95 Tasmanian International Exhibition HG #6 1½d+1½d with Exhibition Emblems printed on message half,1900 use to Dunedin, NZ, 'N.Z/R.P.O. DN-6./18DE00/2' TPO backstamp 50.00 40.00 R

TASMANIA Travelling Post Offices

2169 B B13: 'T.M.L. RY-No3/MY24/09/TASMANIA' and 'T.P.O.NO 5/[MY]24/09/[TASMA]NIA' (B2) backstamps on cover from Longford to Campbell Town, repaired crease on face. [Double TPO covers are rare.] 150.00 120.00 R

VICTORIA Datestamps

2457 ACastlemaine: - coloured PPC of 'Botanical Gardens, Castlemaine', 1d cancelled with framed 'UP TRAIN/MG3/OC8/06/VICTORIA' (B2).
Replaced Forrest Creek PO 1/1/1854.
10.00 8.00 R

AUSTRIA - Postmarks

3687 SA B3Vapore Dalla Dalmazia Ed Istria: straight-line 'VAPORE/[DALLA DA]LMAZIA ED[ ISTRIA]' on 5k. 10.00 8.00 R


3885 FA#1854-59 Spotted Spandrels SG #12 8s green, 4-margins, Cat £100, cancelled with 'SJ.JR.P.SP.B./16/11/[?] - 181' TPO duplex 90.00 72.00 R

FRANCE - Postmarks

3968 SA A2Paris Besancom TPO: losange 'P BES' on 1870 perfed 40c Ceres.
Lot 3968:Paris Besancom TPO: losange 'P BES' on 1870 perfed 40c Ceres.
10.00 8.00 sold
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