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9000723 **A B1Switzerland - 'COURVOISIER' Printers Samples: stamp showing 3 village houses & trees in green, red & black, value indicated as 'OO', inscribed 'SPECIMEN'. 1.00


5032080 AAustralia - New South Wales: black and white PPC of 'Fig Tree, Lane Cove, Sydney', used 28/7/08. 8.00
3014907 ✉FAAustralia - New South Wales: multi-coloured PPC 'Fig Tree Lane Cove, Sydney NSW'. 8.00
3016718 **AAustralia - New South Wales: Multicoloured PPC 'Fig Tree, Lane Cove River, Sydney NSW'. 8.00

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

5003788 *B B11929-38 Airmail 3d dull green Type A, BW #134 diagonal crease at lower right and couple of toned perfs 1.00
9000898 *A B11936 SA Centenary 3d blue, BW #172. 1.00

AUSTRALIA Decimal Issues

9000900 **A A11969 Christmas 5c (three shades) & 25c set, BW #507-8. 1.00
1082104 **A A11974-81 Paintings BW #665f, $2 Heysen, TLC block of 4, BRC with large green dot between trees [LP 2/2], Cat $29. 20.00
1012137 **A A11994-97 Kangaroos And Koalas koala on ground & koala in tree with join and Tab A, BW #1741Ac. 3.00
1069147 **A2007 Botanic Gardens M/S special sheet only produced for the 2007 Year Book. Limited edition of just 8,000. 70.00
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