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TRINIDAD - Postmarks

1020180 SA B1Barbados: arrival of JU23/99 on Britannia ½d. 3.00
1017150 SA A2Cunupia: framed 'CUNUPIA/C/JA5/05/[TRINIDAD]' on 1d black on red. 1.00
1058063 B B1Dabadie: 'DABADIE/A/NO12/98/TRINIDAD', Proud #D2, cancelling faulty ½d brown Postal Card. [Rated 500 by Proud]
Lot 26049:Dabadie: 'DABADIE/A/NO12/98/TRINIDAD', Proud #D2, cancelling faulty ½d brown Postal Card. [Rated 500 by Proud]
1017184 SA A2Laventille: framed 'LAVENTILLE/A/AU19/91' on 1/- brown. [Rated 40 by Proud]
Lot 26050:Laventille: framed 'L
1017181 SA A2Oropouche: framed '[ORO]POUCHE/A/OC21/97/[TRINID]AD' on 1d. 2.00
1020192 SA B1Tobago: with inverted code 'A' of NO 9/98 on 1d. 1.00
1017180 SA B3TPO Coastal Steamer: double-circle '[COAST]AL STEAMER NO[2]/C/JA19/12/[TRINIDAD]' on 1d carmine. [Rated 200 by Proud]
Lot 26053:TPO Coastal Steamer: double-circle '[COAST]AL STEAMER NO[2]/C/JA19/12/[TRINIDAD]
5003568 A- B1Williamsville: 'WILLIAMSVILLE/B/AU8/04/TRINIDAD', Proud #D2, cancelling KEVII ½d green Postal Card, some aging. [Rated 300 by Proud]
Lot 26054:Williamsville: 'WILLIAMSVILLE/B/AU8/04
5003588 A- A1-Woodbrook: 'WOODBROOK/A/JU16/06/TRINIDAD', Proud #D2, backstamping french PPC 'Souvenir de PARIS/XIII Arrondissement', with Port of Spain hexagonal 'T/15' (A1) handstamp, rough bottom edge. [Rated 240 by Proud, extends LRD of 1st period of use in Proud by 6 months]
Lot 26055:Woodbrook: 'WOODBROOK/A/JU16/06/TRINI
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