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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Military - World War I Period

5008973 ✉FA1917 2c red, cancelled with '[SAN FRANCISCO]/FEB13/1PM/CAL - 1917 - 1' covered by 'OPENED BY/CENSOR.' tape in blue with "P.1860" in blue pencil, on plain cover to Monken Hadley, England.
Lot 29305:1917 2c red, cancelled with '[SAN FRANCISCO]/FEB13/1PM
1057942 ✉FA1918 use of 10c yellow-orange on plain cover endorsed "Officers Mail/OAS" with double-circle 'A.E.F. PASSED AS CENSORED/[eagle]/1596' (A1) & straight-line 'REGISTERED' (B1), backstamped with 'U.S. MILITARY POSTAL EXPRESS SERVICE/No 739/27OCT1918/REGISTERED' (B1). 65.00
1058061 ✉FA1918 use of 10c orange, cancelled with violet double-circle 'U.S. [MILITARY] POSTAL EXPRESS SERVICE/NO 755/21NOV1918/REGISTERED' (A2), on registered cover used locally in France, endorsed "Officers/Mail", violet double-circle 'A.E.F. PASSED AS CENSORED/2631' (A1). 90.00
1066723 ✉FA-1918(C.) use of 3c purple & 2c red, cancelled with poor US ARMY PO No 2 of JUL 8 with year missing on plain cover to London, England, with double-boxed 'PASSED BY/BASE CENSOR/A.E.F./[eagle]/* 3 *' (B1) on top of additional censor handstamp, some edge wear. 50.00
1066779 A-1919 cover from sailor on USS Penguin (mine sweeper #33) to Ohio, 'U.S. NAVAL FORCES/EUROPE.' cachet on face, slightly reduced at right. 25.00
1066778 A-1919(C) Knights of Columbus cover from sailor on USS Penguin (mine sweeper #33) to Ohio, 'U.S. NAVAL FORCE[S]/EUROPE' cachet on face, slightly reduced at right. 30.00
1066724 C1920 (Jan) use of Russian 50k x3 (plus 1 fallen off), cancelled at Valdivostok on KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS/WAR ACTIVITIES cover to Idaho, plain censor tape at left tied by Russian censor handstamp No. 12, a bit tatty. [This cover is from the Russian Railway Service Corp a group of 288 drafted civilian railway workers sent across to help maintain the Trans Siberian Railway. They were given military rank but not free postage facilities.] 160.00
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