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 Details forGold Coast Post Offices largely complete until 1957 
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PO Name Opening and Closing Dates Status Datestamp Detail Links to Items
Abaam&nocookie=112063501201911230848 PO 6/9/1955.
Abakrampa&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 PO 24/11/1932.
Abamkrom&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 ED 12/7/1949.
Abasa (1)&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 PO 12/7/1930; closed 15/4/1932.
Abasa (2)&&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 PO 24/11/1932; closed 22/9/1933.
Abasa (3)&&&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 PO 25/1/1936.
Abasraba&&&&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 ED 21/2/1953.
Abasraba Winneba&&&&&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 See Abasraba.
Abaw&&&&&&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 See Abor.
Abenasi (1)&&&&&&&&&&nocookie=112063501201911230848 PO 27/5/1929; closed 9/1/1933.

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