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 Details forPNG Post Offices Papua and New Guinea - largely complete 
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PO Name Opening and Closing Dates Status Datestamp Detail Links to Items
Abau (1)&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 10/12/1945; closed 26/8/1963. Buy Now
Abau (2)&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 8/6/1972. Buy Now
Adcol&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 14/4/1975; closed 1/9/1977.
Afore&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 12/1/1976; closed c.-/2/1989.
Aitape&&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 17/8/1946.
Alexishafen&&&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 22/9/1966; closed 31/12/1992.
Alotau&&&&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 Renamed from Cameron PO 30/6/1967. Buy Now
Ambunti (1)&&&&&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 13/8/1968; closed 30/11/1973.
Ambunti (2)&&&&&&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 24/5/1978.
Angoram&&&&&&&&&&nocookie=13301145420208220864 PO 10/10/1946.

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