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Item # Title Price Qty Req
740 Post Office Registration Labels of Australia, Its Territories & PNG by K Burt 90.00
750 The Surface Printed KGV 1d Sideface Issue Plate Proof Variety Catalogue 75.00
490 ACSC Kangaroos by Brusden White (2017) 120.00
520 The Chapman Collection of Australian Commonwealth stamps: the Kangaroo issues by Ray Chapman 160.00
460 ½d Green Kangaroo & Map Series 60.00
280 1d Red Kangaroo & Map Series 165.00
470 A Study of all Three Plates of 2d Grey of the Kangaroo & Map Series 55.00
480 2½d Indigo Kangaroo and Map Series 65.00
121 The 9d Kangaroo Stamps by A.D. Banwell & R.F. Parsons 30.00
620 ACSC King George V (2018) by Brusden White 160.00

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