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Item # Title Price Qty Req
740 Post Office Registration Labels of Australia, Its Territories & PNG by K Burt 90.00
490 ACSC Kangaroos by Brusden White (2017) 120.00
520 The Chapman Collection of Australian Commonwealth stamps: the Kangaroo issues by Ray Chapman 160.00
460 ½d Green Kangaroo & Map Series 60.00
280 1d Red Kangaroo & Map Series 165.00
470 A Study of all Three Plates of 2d Grey of the Kangaroo & Map Series 55.00
480 2½d Indigo Kangaroo and Map Series 65.00
121 The 9d Kangaroo Stamps by A.D. Banwell & R.F. Parsons 30.00
620 ACSC King George V (2018) by Brusden White 160.00
290 The KGV ½d by Dix & Rowntree 48.00

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