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I have been dealing with PPA for a while now but I have only just gone to the website, what are my logon details? If you are a pre-existing client then you will already have a username within our database. The quickest and easiest way to find your logon details is to give us a call on +61 3 9038 8136 or email us at david@premierpostal.com and we will let you know what your existing details are.
What does the 'R' stand for in the 'Starting Price' column The 'R' appears next to a price in the 'Starting Price' column when we currently have no bidders for that lot. The 'R' stands for Reserve.
My bid is higher than the starting price & yet I am not the winning bidder. Why? PPA requires a top bid to be a minimum of 3% higher than the underbidders bid in order to be valid. We do this to discourage people bidding in unusual increments in order to obtain a winning bid by just a couple of cents. I.e. A bid of $15.07 will not defeat a pre-existing bid of $15, in fact a bid of $15.45 would be required.
I entered a bid that was higher than the starting price & the starting price changed without me becoming the top bidder. Why? The starting price represents 1 bid step above the second highest bidder. When you bid above the starting price you will either become the top bidder (if your bid is high enough) or you will become the underbidder & the new starting price will be 1 bid step above your bid. For example if bidder A has bid $44 on a lot & Bidder B has bid $30, the starting price will be $32 (Bidder B's $30 + 1 bid step of $2). If bidder C came in with a bid of $40 then the starting price would change to $42 (Bidder C's $40 + 1 bid step of $2) & Bidder A would still be the winning Bidder). If Bidder C then changed their bid to $60 they would become the top bidder & the starting price would move to $46 (Bidder A's $44 + 1 bid step of $2).
How does bidding work? When you bid with PPA you are setting the maximum price that you are willing to pay for an auction lot. If there are no other bidders then you will end up paying the reserve price, not your bid, for the lot. If there are other bidders then the winning bidder will end up paying 1 bid step more than the second highest bidder. We never divulge your top bid to any other bidder.
How do I use the Description Search?

The description Search tool allows you to sort through our lots, filtering for specific words in the lot descriptions.

In its simplest form description search allows you to search all descriptions for a single word. Just type the word you are looking for then click the Search button at the right of the box. Be aware that the description search tool considers the singular & the plural to be entirely different words, thus if you are looking for a datestamp, remember to also try searching for datestamps because the two searches may very well produce different results.

The description search tool accepts a couple of logical operators to enable you to search with more detail or greater effectiveness. When you enter multiple words in the search box it treats those words as an 'OR' search. This means that the search will show all lots that contain at least one of the words searched for.

For example: if you were to search for 'Australia USA' the search would show you all results that contained either word, all lots from either Australia OR the United States of America. In this example, after searching you may also notice that your search term has been replaced by 'Australia|USA'. This is because our website interprets a space as an 'OR' and automatically replaces it with the pipe '|' character which represents 'OR'.

If it had been your intention to search for lots that had something to do with both Australia and the USA then you would need an 'AND' search. 'AND' searches only provide results where both words are present and are done using the ampersand '&' character with no spaces.

Coming back to our example, as an 'AND' search, your search term would be 'Australia&USA'. Note the complete absence of spaces in the search term. Because our website automatically replaces spaces with the ?|? character (an OR), if you include spaces between your terms and the '&' it will work incorrectly.

Additionally the description search feature allows you to use brackets to group terms. This can be especially useful if you want to combine a couple of searches into one.

For Example: If you collect datestamps from both Victoria & Tasmania then to get both groups in one search you could put 'Vic|Tas' within brackets in order to 'AND' either word with datestamps. Thus your full search would be '(Vic|Tas)&datestamps' which is effectively the same as searching for 'Vic&datestamps' and then searching for 'Tas&datestamps'.

The advantage of combining searches like this is that it avoids you viewing the same lot multiple times because it meets multiple criteria.

It is worthy of note that the description search tool also responds to our internal cross-referencing. This means that we can often advise you on how to make better use of the description search tool or provide you with more powerful search strings. If you are having any trouble getting the description search tool to find the lots you are looking for don't hesitate to email us at david@premierpostal.com or drop us a call on +61 3 9038 8136.

What are PPA's bidding steps? PPA's bidding steps can be located under the 'Terms of Sale' which is found in the bottom menu bar.
What charges will be added to my invoice PPA does not charge any form of buyer's commission. Lots despatched to Australian address will have GST added. The only other charges are postage at Australia Post standard rates, within Australia we register mail valued over $20 and for overseas we register over $100. Packing charges are usually between $1 & $3 and insurance is 1% for Australian mail & 2% for overseas mail.
What is my account balance? When you are logged in to the Premier Postal Website you have access to your account details at the top right of screen. To view current & historical invoices online go to the 'My Invoice Register' link. This will show you a list of your invoices & your current account balance. To check the details of any particular invoice you can click on the invoice number. This will provide you with the full details of the invoice.
Why does PPA want to know my collecting interests? When your collecting interests have been provided we are able to add 'View by Collecting Interest' to your Auction & Retail Sales menus. The 'View by Collecting Interest' options filter down the listings, to show you only lots that are relevant to you. With our auctions typically containing approx. 4000 lots, this option can greatly simplify your auction browsing experience. Because PPA uses extensive cross referencing in the lotting process we are able to filter our auctions & retail lists in a highly effective manner, leaving you more time to get down to the serious business of organising your collection.
Why haven't I received my lots? Your first port of call here is your 'My Mail Register' section, accessable at the top right of screen. This will allow you to check that your lots were posted, when they were posted & provide the registration details for your lots if applicable. If your lots are listed in the mail register the most common problem is that your postal authority has not yet issued a card for collection of a registered article. If your lots are not listed in the mail register then we have not yet posted them. This usually means that we have not received your payment and is best resolved by contacting us, either by phone on +61 3 9038 8136 or by email to david@premierpostal.com.
You are awaiting my Credit Card details, is the www.premierpostal.com site secure? The Premier Postal Auctions web site uses AES-256 bit encryption, the current industry standard as used by major banks & financial institutions. Our SSL certificate is issued by UserTrust.

You can varify that you are using our secure connection by checking the address bar of your browser. The website address should start with 'http:\\' (note the 's' which represents 'secure') & at the right end of the address bar there should be a padlock symbol. If these two indicators are present then you are definitely connected to a secure website.

While Credit Card details are stored within our internal database, they are unaccessable from the internet. The only C/C information available on the internet is the card type, final digit & expiry to assist you in keeping track of which card you have lodged to be used for the current auction.

There is no image for the lot I am interested in, can I get an image please? Premier Postal Auctions will happily scan any lot on request. To have a lot scanned either email us at david@premierpostal.com with the lot number or give us a call on +61 3 9038 8136.
In the Auction Listing the images are quite small, how can I make them larger Within the auction listing the images displayed are only preview images. In the case of a single image, clicking on the preview will open a full size copy of the lot. When a lot has multiple images, there will be an 'Images' button to the left of the Lot Description. Clicking this button will open the single lot view, showing each image in preview, once again clicking on the individual previews will open full size images.
How do I change the number of lots that are displayed on each page? In your 'My Details' menu at the top right of screen (when logged in) you have an option titled Lots/page, this value specifies the number of lots that will be displayed per page. It may be set to any value of your choosing. It is worthy of note that setting this value to 0 will cause the website to display one full catalogue section per page irrespective of the number of lots
Have my lots been posted? To check on when your lots have been posted online, make sure you are logged in & then at the top right of screen use your 'My Mail Register' link. Every time we post lots they will be automatically added to your mail register which contains details of the date of posting, registration number (if applicable), the pertinant invoice(s) that were posted & the total value of the goods posted.
Do you combine postage when I order Lots from both an Auction & the Retail section? If both orders are placed at the same time, they will automatically be processed & packed together, saving you postage costs.
Can I check my past invoices on-line? When you are logged in to the Premier Postal Website you have access to your account details at the top right of screen. To view current & historical invoices online go to the 'My Invoice Register' link. This will show you a list of your invoices & your current account balance. To check the details of any particular invoice you can click on the invoice number. This will provide you with the full details of the invoice.
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