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NEW SOUTH WALES Travelling Post Offices

1004 SA A2North: '[T.]P.O 2 NORTH/UP-8JL33 3/N.[S.W]', Peck #2N9 on 2d red KGV. [Rated 5]
Lot 1004:North: '[T.]P.O 2 NORTH/UP-8JL33 3/N.[S.W]
5.00 4.00 R
1005 A A2South: 'TRAVELLING P.O.[1.SOU]TH-A/JY20/02/N.S.W', Peck #1S8 on 1½d orange Letter Card (HG #A7) to Michelago. [Rated 8]
Lot 1005:South: 'TRAVELLING P.O.[1.SOU]TH-A
32.00 26.00 R
1006 ΔA A2South: 'TRAVELLING P.O.1.SOUTH-A/MR22/01/N.S.W', Peck #1S8 on 1d Arms pair on piece. [Rated 8]
Lot 1006:South: 'TRAVELLING P.O.1.SOUTH
25.00 20.00 R
1007 ΔA B2South: 'TRAVELLING P.O. SOUTH NO2/AP11/1905/N.S.W' Peck #2S6a on 1d Arms x3 on piece. [Rated 5]
Lot 1007:South: 'TRAVELLING P.O. SOUTH NO2
8.00 6.40 R
1008 A A2South: 'TRAVELLING POST OFFICE/12JA1909/3 SOUTH.N.S.W' Peck #3S8 on 1d Arms on coloured PPC of 'School of Mines, Adelaide' from Albury to Henty NSW.
Lot 1008:South: 'TRAVELLING POST OFFICE/12JA1909/3 SOU
60.00 48.00 sold
1009 SA B2South West: ''T.P.O.SOUTH WEST/29JA16/N.S.W' Peck #SW2 on 1d red KGV. [Rated 7]
Lot 1009:South West: ''T.P.O.SOUTH WE
10.00 8.00 sold
1010 SA A2West: '[TRAVE]LLING P.O.NO2 WEST/D/DE12/99/[N.S.W]' (D inverted) Peck #2W3 on ½d grey. [Rated 7]
Lot 1010:West: '[TRAVE]LLING P.O.NO2 WEST/D/DE12/99/[N.S.W]
10.00 8.00 R
1011 ΔA B2West: 'TRAVELLING P.O. WEST No2/DE6/1907/N.S.W' Peck #2W5 on 1d Arms vertical pair on piece. [Rated 6]
Lot 1011:West: 'TRAVELLING P.O. WE
8.00 6.40 R


1012 ΔA A2GE: ' GE /4OC37/N.S.W' on 2d red KGV. [ERD by 5 years.]
Lot 1012:GE: '  GE  /4OC37/N
5.00 7.50 sold
1013 SA A2I: ' I /5NO35/[N.S.W.]' on 1d green KGV.
Lot 1013:I: '  I  /5NO35/[N.S.W.]
5.00 12.50 sold
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