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QUEENSLAND - Postal Stationery - Wrappers

1420 PSA1892 QV With Lined Background HG #E1 ½d green, wove cream paper, end of text above S of QUEENSLAND, no gum,/. 6.00 4.80 R
1421 PSA-1895 QV With Void Background HG #E2 ½d green, laid paper, text 76½mm, 12mm text to stamp. 20.00 16.00 R

QUEENSLAND - Postal History

1422 A1905 (Dec 28) use of coloured PPC of 'Cutting Sugar Cane, Bundaberg, Queensland' from Brisbane to Grand Hotel Melbourne where a readdressing label was applied and the PPC was forwarded to the Grand Hotel, Queenscliff. 1d stamp cancelled with with octagonal pillar box cancel. 40.00 32.00 R


1423 SA A2-24: light clear BN on 2d 4-Corners. [Rated R]
Allocated to Miriam Vale-PO 1/4/1877; closed 21/10/1897; Re-allocated to Miriam Vale PO 11/3/1898.
5.00 4.00 R
1424 SA B226: on 1876 2d Chalon. [Rated 3R]
Allocated to Woogara-PO 1/10/1862; closed 31/10/1864; Re-allocated to Goodna PO 1/11/1864.
60.00 48.00 R
1425 SA A232: rays on 1d 4-Corners.
Allocated to Laidley-PO 1/2/1861.
4.00 3.20 R
1426 SB A242: '42' on 1d Chalon (faults). [Rated 2R]
50.00 40.00 R
1427 SA A274: rays on 1d orange Lined-Oval.
Allocated to Gundiwindi-PO c.1860; renamed Goondiwindi PO c.1861.
4.00 3.20 R
1428 SA B284: on 2d Chalon. [Rated 3R]
Allocated to Springsure-PO 1/1/1864.
40.00 32.00 R
1429 SA- A293: rays on 1d 4-Corners.
Allocated to Jondaryan-PO 1/3/1867.
4.00 3.20 R
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